Available services


  • Reception area, Waiting room.
  • Urgencies office
  • Medical offices


  • Intensive care
  • X-rayses
  • Emergency room
  • Ultrasound Room

Neonatal room

  • Infant incubator.
  • Fototherapy lamp.


Individual suites, with electric bed.
Individual junior suites, with electric bed.

Surgery room

  • Anesthesia equipment endowed with cardiac and vital signs monitor.
  • Ceiling lamps.
  • Surgery table.
  • Infant incubator.
  • Oxygen and aspiration
  • Surgical instrument set and medical material inside the area .

Medical Equipment

  • Anesthesia Machine endowed with cardiac and vital signs monitor.
  • C- Arc with fluoroscopy (images intensifier)
  • Our Operating rooms are endowed with all the resources, including material and drugs, permanently.
  • We offer 2 operating rooms with aproximatly 3000 instrumental pieces of our surgical instrument sets of:

- General Surgery equipment.
- Torax surgery.
- Gastroenterology and biliary surgery
- Vascular surgery.
- Traumatology surgery.
- Minor Surgery
- Gynecology surgery.
- Reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery and hand surgery.