Sr. Juan Martinez

8320 Torero PL.

San Diego, California 92126 USA

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On december 23, 2003. I got very ill, your response was im meadiate, decisive, knowledgeable, you immediately diagnosed my a problems, immediately transferred me to yours emergency room and began treatment. You quickly stabilized. Me even though there nere multiple problems you took are of them. You treated me as the only patinent in the world. Your skills and professionalism are beyond refrdach. The bottom line, you fired a lot of my problems, for which i' am eternally grateful.

I have no reason not to recommend this hospital to anyone, for your skills, professionalism, and friendliness. You have one of the best, if not the best staff in the business.


Sr. Andres Mejia Jr. and Wendy S. Flores

Bakersfield California

Phone (661) 323-5756

I Want to thank every body in Clínica Lomas and If you want to hear more about our experience you can call us


245 rodge city 2
Central, ut. 84722 Ph: 435-574-2302

I have been visiting mazatlan 6 months a year for 10 years, on my first visit to clinica lomas during a seriolis emergency. I va so impressed with the immediate care and attention i received. I was never left alone in fear and doubt. There was so muut assurance from the lovely, efficient nurses who cared as though i was one of their family members.

Another emergency brought me here again which was handled with the utmost speed and care. The assurance one feel is amazing and calming when you know the best specialists are called in on your behalf. I have never considered.

Going to a larger hospital. I recommend clinica lomas to any one weeding any medical attention. I thank god for all the staff. Angels they are.

Aarón gonzález
Mazatlán, sinaloa. México

A todo el personal de clínica lomas:

Mi nombre es Aarón González y sobre la presente quiero extenderles mi mas sincero agradecimiento por toda la atención que me brindaron durante el diagnostico, cirugía y recuperación en la cual fui intervenido. Especial gracias al doctor Pérez, dr. Álvarez, dr. Lizarraga y a todos en general. Yo personalmente no tendría duda en recomendar sus servicios a otras personas ya que lo único que este lugar demuestra es excelencia en el cuidado y servicio a todos sus pacientes.

DE: "LUCINDA BELL" lmcarlisle@hotmail.com
2034 S.E. Thurston ST.
Albano, Ore. 97322

FECHA: 12 de Febrero de 2003

Dear Dr. Alvarez:

I want to begin by saying "Thak-You" very much for all the help that you gave us during Roberts illness. I really don't know what we would of done without you and your staff at the time we needed you the most. This was so unexpected and a surprise to all of us. You saved his life! I'm not really sure what we would have done if you weren't there.

Robert is doing well, the first hospital we had him in was just going to leave him in the hospital for five days and monitor him and to see if the intestine would undo itself. So when I heard that's what they wanted to do I asked if it was possible to transfer him by ambulance to Albany and that we would be closer to home, it would be easier for us. Well we got him home and in the hospital, a surgeon looked at him after another Drs. Request, (Dr. Irvine said he had a little bird on his shoulder that was telling him something wasn't right) so the surgeon looked at him had a CAT SCAN taken and at @ 2:00am they took him into surgery. I thank the lord for that! He is doing well and resting as best he can. Wanting to come home, but they won't release him yet not sure when he will get out, but he's progressing very well.

I also asked the surgeon that did the surgery to write you and give all the medical details, if by chance you don't hear from him please let me know I will try and get it for you. The Drs. Here are usually very good at responding.

Dr. Alvarez, again, Thank you very much!!!

4460 LA MIRADA CIRCLE (916) 966-7605

1228 N. STREET
FAX (916) 443-8394

He service at clinica lomas was the best. All attendant were respect fies and helpful. I was treated with thought fris are throughout my stag.




ENERO 15-2004

May god bless you all, the hope to see you all again. I'm very grateful to all the doctors and staff that help me.

I'm so appreciative o your kindness and caring.

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